Aardonyx is a boutique software studio that offers artistry, technical expertise and a personable partnership for your business’s evolutionary journey.

Whether you're looking for a custom Jamstack application, static site generation, headless content management systems, or beyond, we deliver modern technology that is adapted to the needs of your business and the changing environment.

We specialize in building mid-to-large size web applications with complex, custom functionality. We help businesses who:
  • Are expanding or in growth mode.
  • Need to set themselves apart in design, performance or both.
  • Are adding functionality to their website.
  • Are moving more of their business online.
  • Want to streamline internal practices by making automated systems.
  • Have many third-party software systems that they want to integrate.


We design and develop ADA compliant Jamstack websites that stand out from other websites in design and performance.

We use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our standard tech stack is React, Node, Next.js or Gatsby, and Sass/SCSS with a PostgreSQL database. However, we can work with most modern tools.

Web Applications/Software

We build web apps that do stuff, and do it well. We are true experts with custom functionality, including working with external APIs.

Data Integration

We connect your website to external applications, or connect data from one website to another.


We can customize existing E-Commerce solutions such as Shopify and BigCommerce.

We can also build totally custom E-Commerce solutions to handle innovative or unusual business models.

Content Management Systems

We love matching clients with their perfect CMS. We particularly love the flexibility offered by headless solutions (e.g. Contentful, Sanity, and StoryBlok).

That said, we do work with and maintain older CMS platforms such as WordPress on special request.

Performance, Security, ADA Compliance

We can work with your existing web application to update it and get it running faster or more securely.

We can also clean up your existing codebase so that your site receives flying scores for Best Practices and ADA compliance.

Technology Consultations

We routinely help companies talk to and research solutions for their specific needs. Research may even involve experimenting with the proposed tech's APIs to see if it will meet your projected needs.

We particularly love providing recommendations that reduce redundancy and remove unused/unneeded tech to save you money by decreasing your third party fees.



Who We Are

We are a husband (Zach) and wife (Amanda) owned and led web design & development team based out of the beautiful, mountainous, bear-filled Asheville, North Carolina. We are very friendly!

We are proud to be one of the rare, elusive species known as a woman-and-minority-owned software agency.

Amanda and Zach standing amongst trees of Asheville woods.

We have three cats (depicted in their dinosaur suits at the tops of these very web pages) and a dino-sized dog but no actual dinosaurs. Yet.

What Makes Us Different

  • Your project will be unique, and beautiful.

    All of our developers work directly with code. We don’t churn out the same website over and over again.

    Each business has unique needs depending on environment, challenges and personal traits. Likewise, each business itself is unique, and so must be the software we develop to support it.

  • We want to hear and learn about you.

    We like learning. About everything. This means we will be excited to learn about your company and your industry, not just excited to build your software. Reaching more nuanced levels of understanding ultimately results in a better, more tailored product for you.

  • You will get real opinions.

    We share our thoughts and opinions with you. If we think something isn’t a good idea, we will tell you. This blunt honesty won’t work for everyone, but we believe that open communication and discussion of ideas leads to the best products and thus to your success.

  • You can share all of your ideas.

    We want to hear your opinions and ideas. All of them. No one knows your needs better than you do; it’s often our clients who work out the best pathways to solutions.

  • You get to work with the whole team.

    We are a boutique agency, and we only work with a handful of carefully selected clients. This intimacy allows us to know you and your business’ needs very well, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. We form long-lasting relationships with our clients, and often serve as their on-going web technology partner.

  • You can make changes.

    Your needs, budgets, and ideas might develop even while we are actively building your project. Because we are small, we don’t have a lot of hierarchies or hoops to jump through, so change is okay and even expected.

  • We like cats, dinosaurs, and puns.

    You never know when those will come in handy.

a cat in a cute stegasaurus costume

Contact Us

Why did the Archaeopteryx catch the worm? Because it was an early bird.

We would be honored to be the chosen technology partner on your business’s evolutionary journey. Complete the form below to email us about your project and we will be in touch faster than you can say Archaeopteryx.

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